Toy Library Association South Africa

Are you our next Feature Toy Library?

Living in a small town, I often feel it is harder to show people the great work being done here. Our audience is just generally smaller than big organisations with large online followings. But we want you to know that we see you and that your work matters. TLASA is so proud of the work you as our member toy libraries are doing all over the country! And to show you our support, we want to share your work with our network from all around the world.
We don’t want you to feel that the wonderful work you do is missed, especially in hard times like this when toy librarians often have to walk the extra mile to deliver services.
You and your toy library now stand the chance to be featured in our next newsletter!
We want to know what a typical day in the life of a toy librarian looks like. What do you do at your toy library? How has it changed since Covid? What makes your toy library and its services unique?
Simply WhatsApp us a video of yourself and you could be the face of next month’s feature!

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