Toy Library Association South Africa

The Toy Library Association South Africa

TLASA is a networking organisation that promotes best practice in the field of toy libraries. We are a registered Non-profit organisation (NPO 237-525).

As a multi-sectoral stakeholder forum representing toy libraries in South Africa, we view to influence Africa and the world’s perception of the role of toy libraries in society.

What we do?

TLASA is an advocacy and networking association, promoting effective practice principles for toy libraries and play-based organisations. The association also provides relevant toy library information and recognised training to toy librarians and play facilitators. TLASA is affiliated to the International Toy Library Association (ITLA).

International Toy Library Conference 2019

Co-hosted by TLASA in Johannesburg

Mobile toy library, LETCEE

What is a Toy Library?

Toy libraries provide play resources to communities. This can be in the form of toys, games, play opportunities, and trained toy librarians who facilitate play and educate others on play and toys. Most toy libraries in South Africa provide play sessions at the library as well as a toy lending service to the greater community.

Toy librarian of the year award

We are excited and proud to announce the first winner of TLASA’s Toy Librarian of the Year competition!
Sbusiso Mhlanga operates the Playable Pickup toy library with the organisation LETCEE. His toy library provides mobile toy library services to children with disabilities in rural KZN. Sbu regularly attends TLASA webinars, training and conferences and was also part of the International Toy Library Conference in 2019.
Sbu is a hardworking and motivated toy librarian who embodies all of TLASA’s values: Innovative, Influencer, Integrity, Playful, Accountable, Learning.
Congratulations to Sbu and the whole LETCEE team!


TLASA offers training throughout the year at a discounted rate to TLASA members. Courses can be arranged at various training venues in all the provinces and are done in-person, as self-paced online courses and/or virtual live training sessions. Sessions can also be organised at your worksite.