Toy Library Association of South Africa

Highlights from the VVOS/AECYC seminar

On the 23rd of February 2019 TLASA was invited to present at the VVOS/AECYC seminar in Pretoria. Monica Stach, TLASA chairperson, presented on Toy Libraries – The missing link in quality ECD services provisioning.

Pauline Turusida facilitated 2 hour workshop with the theme, “Don’t forget Woody on the shelve. The value of toys and setting up a toy library in your ECD centre.”

TLASA stand

Seminar attendants had an opportunity to visit the TLASA stand. TLASA representatives at the stand shared information about toy libraries and the work that TLASA is doing in South Africa. The idea of toy libraries stunned many attendants as it was their first time to hear of toy libraries.

Seminar attendance where issued with TLASA brochure which fully explains the work of TLASA in South Africa.

TLASA workshop

About 40 people attended TLASA workshop. See the attached feedback form the post workshop evaluation.

The workshop was an eye opener for attendants on how they can start toy libraries in their ECD centres. The workshop highlighted different services that a toy library can offer. They had an opportunity to play with a variety of toys and analysed them. The workshop unpacked the value of toys.

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