Toy Library Association of South Africa

15th International Toy Library Conference

In July 2019, TLASA was the proud co-host of the International Toy Library Conference in Johannesburg. In collaboration with ITLA and Cotlands, we hosted an informative, thought-provoking, exciting and enriching African toy library experience.

The conference was an opportunity to network, share learnings, dialogue and explore topics relevant to the world of toy libraries. Here are some highlights from the conference.

Beyond a toy library, a sustainable approach

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A selection of abstracts is available here. Each abstract provides an overview of a presentation or workshop as well as a more information about the speaker.


The presentations cover the four themes of the conference:

  • Diversity in Toy Libraries
  • Toy Libraries: A solution for…
  • Sustainability of Toy Libraries
  • Toy Libraries of the future – innovation


A photo speaks a thousand words. We have selected some photos that capture the essence of this wonderful conference.

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