Toy Library Association South Africa

What is a toy library?

Toy libraries provide good quality play resources to communities. This can be in the form of toys, games, play opportunities, and trained toy librarians who facilitate play and educate others on play and toys. Most toy libraries in South Africa provide play sessions at the library as well as a toy lending service to the greater community.

But toy libraries are also so much more than this. TLASA promotes the idea of toy libraries as community hubs. It is a place where community members of any age can come together in a safe space to access toys, games and play opportunities, learn and engage with one another.

Toy libraries can be set up in a variety of places, servicing different groups of people. It is a great way to enable access to play resources in a cost-effective way. It also decreases our impact on the environment, as toys and games are reused and recycled in toy libraries rather than being thrown away.

Types of toy libraries

Toy libraries look different depending on how long they have been in operation as well as their function. The opportunities for toy libraries are endless, and each toy library decides on a model that works best for them and will allow them to best reach their goal. 

Ready to get involved?

Here are some ways you can get involved with toy libraries:

  • Contact TLASA to put you in touch with your nearest toy library
  • Volunteer at a toy library
  • Donate preloved toys, games and resources to a toy library
  • Start your own toy library. Don’t know where to begin? Download our Toy Library Planning Workbook which will guide you through the process step by step
  • Like our social media pages to stay updated on programmes and events